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The EnviroScape watershed model provides a hands-on demonstration of how watersheds work, with a focus on non-point source pollution and stormwater runoff. Students learn about different sources of pollution and see how stormwater can carry pollutants to nearby waterbodies. The model provides a great visual, with different colored "pollutants" entering waterways.

How does it work?
The EnviroScape watershed model shows both point source pollution (stormwater drain, factory pipe, etc.) and non-point source pollution (fertilizer, pesticide, animal waste, road salt, etc.). The model uses cocoa and different colors of Kool-aid for pollutants and rain is simulated with a spray bottle of water.

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The EnviroScape watershed model is available to local schools and organizations. This tool is suitable for both indoor and outdoor programs.The demonstration serves as an excellent complement to pollution and watershed protection lessons.

Possible programs include classroom visits, after-school events, summer camp programs, library gatherings, and more. Programs can be designed to suit your class needs. This model is suitable for students of all ages (K-12). Please contact the GCSWCD office at 518-622-3620 to inquire about scheduling a program or for more information.

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