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Public water supplies are tested frequently for contaminants, and suppliers are required to provide test results to their customers annually. If you are on a public water supply (whether municipal or a small community system), get and read a copy of the test report (Consumer Confidence Report).

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  • Contact smaller local municipalities for Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)

Testing of a private water supply is generally the responsibility of the property owner. Private water supplies should always be tested before a home is purchased and whenever a new water supply is being developed.

  • The New York State Department of Health provides a list of Certified Commercial Laboratories that can test for a variety of potential water contaminants.
  • Local Water testing (Bacteria)
    • J Meyers Water Services Inc. – (518) 263-4333
      • 7974 Main Street, Hunter, NY
    • Adirondack Environmental Services, Inc. - (518) 434-4546
      • 314 North Pearl Street, Albany, NY

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