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Schoharie Basin Stream Management Plans

Stream Management Plans provide a comprehensive review of stream characteristics, data, maps, and recommended management strategies. The plans are meant to assist watershed municipalities and residents in planning for a sustainable future for their property, infrastructure, water and biological resources.

Schoharie Basin Action Plans

Action plans direct the implementation of stream management plans by distilling large, overarching goals into smaller, more manageable projects. Actions plans for the Schoharie Watershed are developed every 2 years by a collaboration between the Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee (SWAC), Greene County Soil & Water Conservation District (GCSWCD), and New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP).

2009-2011 Schoharie Basin Stream Management Plan Action Items

  1. Program Administration (29 Kb pdf)
    1. Local Adoption of Stream Management Plans
  2. Education on Watershed Protection (67 Kb pdf)
    1. West Of Hudson Education & Outreach Strategy
    2. Educational Workshops
    3. Conduct Watershed Survey
    4. Identify Existing Resources
    5. Schoharie Watershed Week
    6. Complete Kiosk Series
    7. Japanese Knotweed Mailing
    8. Batavia Kill Stream Celebration
    9. Schoharie Watershed Summit
    10. Schoharie Watershed Bus Tour
  3. Landowner Stream Assistance (85 Kb pdf)
    1. Riparian Restoration
    2. Stream Restoration Projects & Repairs
    3. Plant Materials Program
  4. Creative Stormwater Practices and Critical Area Seeding (50 Kb pdf)
    1. Windham Mountain
    2. Hunter Foundation
    3. Hunter Mountain
    4. Sugar Maples Stormwater Project
    5. Community Stormwater Planning
    6. Mountain Top Library & Learning Center
  5. Highway and Infrastructure Improvements (39 Kb pdf)
    1. Road Abrasives Program
    2. Driveway/Curb Cut Specifications
    3. Street Sweeper with Vacuum
  6. Planning and Assessment (80 Kb pdf)
    1. Mountaintop Recreation Master Plan
    2. Tributary Stream Inventory and Assessment
    3. Lexington Creek Sill
    4. Town of Hunter Corridor Regional Planning Study
    5. Greene County All Hazards Mitigation Plan
    6. Fisheries Assessment & Improvements Strategy
    7. Project Monitoring
    8. Japanese Knotweed Management Project
    9. Restoration Project Wetland Mapping
  7. Recreation and Stream Habitat Improvements (51 Kb pdf)
    1. Ashland Fishing Access
    2. Town of Windham (Police Anchor Camp)
    3. Schoharie Creek Park (Lexington)
    4. Water Temperature Impacts on Fisheries Study
    5. Organize Repository of Stream Ecosystem Data
    6. Promote Increased Recreational Use of Watershed Streams
  8. On-going Activities (47 Kb pdf)
    1. Program Administration
    2. Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee
    3. Local Technical Assistance
    4. Inter-Agency Coordination
    5. Catskill Streams Website
    6. Community Outreach
    7. Critical Area Seeding Program
    8. Plant Materials Program

Schoharie Basin-Specific Studies

Click on the links below to view Schoharie Basin area studies and how these relate to the above stream management plans

Effectiveness of Stream Restoration in Reducing Stream Bank Erosion: The Case of Batavia Kill Stream Restoration Projects, New York (Chen, Y. et al., 2005)

Summary of Schoharie Wildlife and Fishery Study

Greene County All Hazards Mitigation Plan (2009)

Schoharie Creek Fisheries Management Plan (1993)

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