How can I access soil data digitally?

  • Digital Copy of Greene County Soil Survey ReportsThe United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) website hosts an inventory of digital copies of the printed soil survey reports developed in NYS. These digital copies of the soil survey reports are scanned copies of the original printed versions and may not reflect any changes to the soil survey maps since their publication. The most current data can be found on the Web Soil Survey.
  • Web Soil SurveyThe Web Soil Survey (WSS) is a web application that allows landowners, agricultural producers, agencies, technical service providers, and others electronic access to relevant soil and related information needed to make land-use and management decisions. The WSS:
    • Provides access to the most current data
    • Provides electronic access to full soil survey report content
    • Provides an alternative to traditional hardcopy publication
    • Provides the means for quicker delivery of information
    • Allows users to get just the information they want
  • Greene Web MapThe Greene Web Map is a web application that functions as a tax parcel viewer, allowing users to view and search for property boundaries. Information on soil types and soil boundaries can be found on this web map. Though the soil data available is not as extensive as those available on the WSS, the ability to view tax parcel boundaries may be helpful. The Greene County Web Map is managed by Greene County Real Property Tax Services.


How can I obtain a hardcopy of the Soil Survey Report?

The USDA published the "Soil Survey of Greene County, New York" in 1993. Soil survey maps within the publication are at 1:24,000 scale and provide valuable information on soil types and characteristics.

Since 2005, the USDA no longer prints hardcopy versions of soil survey reports. The USDA transitioned to the digital availability of soil survey data, using the Web Soil Survey (WSS). The WSS is the official source of soil survey information.

Hardcopies of the "Soil Survey of Greene County, New York" reports are available at the GCSWCD office. Soil survey reports are available at no cost if picked up at the office, or can be mailed for $8.00.

For more information, or to order a copy of the "Soil Survey of Greene County, New York," contact the GCSWCD Main Office at 518-622-3620.