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Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District and NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) are working with eleven Schoharie watershed municipalities across three counties to implement recommendations in adopted Stream Management Plans. The Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee (SWAC) was formed to assist in the Stream Management Implementation Program with project identification and decision-making.

This basin-wide advisory committee evolved from smaller project advisory committees that were created to provide input in the development of individual stream management plans including the Batavia Kill, West Kill, East Kill, Manor Kill, and Schoharie Creek plans.

The SWAC focuses on utilizing annual action plans to prioritize and implement recommendations in adopted stream management plans, and continues the collaborative watershed planning efforts initiated by the Greene County Watershed Assistance Program with other projects. The Committee assists with reviewing and approving projects for funding and provides input into annual action plan updates. Currently, the 2018-2020 Action Plan is serving as a guide to prioritize projects for implementation that are important to the local communities, watershed managers and agencies working in the basin.

Committee Membership

Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee
James Lawrence Town of Ashland
Eric Dahlberg Town of Conesville
William Federice Town of Conesville (Alternate)
Rebecca Wilburn Town of Gilboa
Val Riedman Town of Gilboa (Alternate)
David Kukle Town of Hunter
Sean Mahoney Town of Hunter (Alternate)
Benjamin Sommers Village of Hunter
Michael Papa Village of Hunter (Alternate)
James Pellitteri Town of Jewett
Lynn Byrne Town of Lexington
Beverly Dezan Town of Lexington (Alternate)
Christine Owad Town of Prattsville
Edward Raeder Town of Roxbury
George Bain Jr. Village of Tannersville
Robert Janiszewski Village of Tannersville (Alternate)
Stephen Walker Town of Windham
Wayne VanValin Town of Windham (Alternate)
Gary Thorington Highway & Infrastructure Subcommittee
Connor Young Education & Outreach Subcommittee
Judd Weisberg Habitat & Recreation Subcommittee
Ron Urban Habitat & Recreation Subcommittee (Alternate)
Daryl Legg Greene County Legislator
Jim Thorington Greene County Legislator

The fifteen member Advisory Committee is comprised of municipal representatives from each of the eleven basin communities, a highway/infrastructure subcommittee representative, an education/outreach subcommittee representative, a representative from a recreation/habitat subcommittee and a Greene County Legislator. The make-up of the Committee is designed to represent the diversity of potential projects, as well as promote local officials' involvement in the decision-making process.

Agency and Technical Support

In addition to the SWAC, there are advisory members comprised of technical and agency staff who are available to assist the Committee as needed. Advisory members include regulatory agencies (NYSDEC, NYCDEP, NYSDOH), County Soil & Water Districts, Planning Departments from the three counties, and non-profit organizations working in the basin, such as Trout Unlimited, Cornell Cooperative Extensions, and the Mountaintop Foundations. Advisory members are available to assist SWAC as needed, as well as serve as potential project sponsors.

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SWAC Habitat & Recreation Subcommittee
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SWAC Highway & Infrastructure Subcommittee
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Stream Management Implementation Program

Guided by stream stewardship principles, the Schoharie Watershed Program offers assistance to local communities, residents, and organizations to advance recommendations from Schoharie Basin Stream Management Plans. Local municipalities, watershed residents and property owners, schools, and not-for-profit organizations that promote watershed programming are eligible to receive assistance from the Stream Management Plan Implementation Program.

In looking toward the future, the Stream Management Plan Implementation Program is an excellent opportunity for municipalities to work together and contribute towards the implementation of projects benefiting watershed communities and water quality.